Social and Cultural life in Belo Horizonte


Cultural life in Belo Horizonte is very intense, since the city has cultural centers like “Palácio das Artes” (Palace of Arts), with an amphitheater for 1500 people, art galleries, smaller theaters, movies etc, and other important cultural venues with similar characteristics. In addition to the public and private cultural institutions there is a very vivid experience in the realm of artistic events designed and executed by a quite active and creative artistic community, consisting mostly of young musicians, visual artists, actors and actresses, writers etc. In some areas of the downtown core and of neighborhoods like Santa Teresa and Savassi there are very frequent street events, in which not only cultural but also social and convivial aspects are relevant. This is related to the fact that Belo Horizonte is known as the “world’s capital of bars”, since it is the Brazilian city in which there are more bars than any other place in the country (including Rio de Janeiro, with its over six million inhabitants, and São Paulo, with its over ten million inhabitants).


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